I teach meditative practices to help people connect to their inner resources of steadiness, clarity, strength and joy.

My own meditation journey began over a decade ago, in an attempt to find some space from an incessantly busy mind.

Since then, meditation has grown to play many different roles in my life: mental hygiene, self-therapy, spiritual practice, inquiry into the nature of experience, and a way to cultivate presence and compassion.

I aim to teach meditation in ways that reflect the diversity of ways of practicing and the diversity of personalities of meditators, while honouring the core principle of the path of meditation - to be here to experience life more fully and more freely.

I am inspired by many contemplative traditions and approaches - Buddhism (in several flavours, but particularly Insight Meditation/Vipassana), contemporary Mindfulness, and the Non-dual and Yogic traditions.

I lead retreats and courses online and in Devon, and I also offer one-to-one guidance for your meditation practice. Send me an email if you would like to connect with me.

Upcoming Retreats, Courses & Workshops

Retreats at Home: Mindfulness for challenging times - a 1-day online retreat
9th Jul 2022
Online (Zoom)
Sharpham House: Summer Embrace retreat - 5 nights
8th Aug 2022 - 13th Aug 2022
Sharpham House, Totnes, Devon
Sharpham House: Find Your Peace 3 night silent retreat
22nd Aug 2022 - 25th Aug 2022
Sharpham House, Totnes, Devon
Weekend Retreat at Home: a 2-night online retreat
16th Sep 2022 - 18th Sep 2022
Online (Zoom)

1:1 Meditation Guidance

Personalised meditation guidance and support for your meditation practice. Perhaps you:

  • Want support and accountability to establish a daily practice
  • Are unsure if you're making the most of the time you spend meditating
  • Are interested in the deeper possibilities of meditation
Schedule a session